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Iven: Small Business Inventory Control

Iven is the Inventory Control System from Paralux

Meet Iven Cosys: He's the lightweight Inventory Control System for your small business.

Many small businesses have inventory control needs that aren't satisfied by market options. Huge systems require infrastructure, managers, and systems that most small businesses can't afford. These businesses can try to cobble something together with other software systems, but like most things that are cobbled together: they aren't pretty.

That's where Iven comes in... He's here to help your small business to control inventory simply, quickly, and easily—and, most importantly for your bottom-line, inexpensively.

Paroma: Artificial Business Operations Intelligence

Paroma is the Artificial Business Operations Intelligence System

Meet Paroma: She's the powerful Paralux Operations Matrix.

Paroma is the business operations control system, an artificial intelligence and learning machine that manages all aspects of your business operations so you can focus on what you do best: work toward long-term growth.

Paroma learns from you and then takes that knowledge to manage your business operations for you.

We're creating the future of the world

At Paralux, we don't believe anything is impossible.

We believe that with imagination that, in fact, the opposite is true.

We believe everyting is possible.

And we work diligently every single day to create a better world.